Our Pomegranates

Locally grown with love and care.

Ubali’s flagship product is our high-quality pomegranate trees. We are certified growers of the Wonderful Cultivar in South Africa. Ubali is a registered member of POMASA (Pomegranate Association of South Africa).

Our pomegranate trees are cultivated with extreme care from established trees on the farm. Cuttings are taken from mother plants and then planted and grown in prepared bags. Our trees belong to the “Wonderful” cultivar.

Due to the increasing focus of the media, pomegranates as a commercially farmed product is growing daily in South Africa. The South African climate is suitable to produce this highly profitable product.

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Our Pomegranates

The popularity of the pomegranate has increased tremendously and is generating substantial revenue for growers.

With these opportunities in mind, we are certified growers perfectly situated to grow the leading commercially produced cultivar in the world called Wonderful a.k.a. The Genuine Californian Wonderful. It has a natural resistance to adverse conditions and comes with a high yield potential.

Just like most of the other pomegranate cultivars, Wonderful needs 3 years to grow into commercial production, with less maintenance than most fruit trees.

Ubali Farm

Our Nursery

Our cuttings are carefully harvested from established pomegranate trees on the farm. We plant the cuttings in black plastic bags that are prepared with a specialised medium. We add nutrients and fertiliser needed in order to grow optimally. The young trees should commence growth soon after planting.

Pomegranates prefer a Mediterranean climate – colder winters and hot summers. Trees need pruning and benefit from irrigation and thinning out of fruit clusters after fruit set. (Fruit set is when new fruit is just beginning to take shape after flowering).

Pomegranate trees grow and bear fruit for over 30 years. Proper planning, soil preparation, irrigation systems and cultivar selection is necessary before establishing a pomegranate orchard.

Ubali pomegranate nursery

Pomegranate Origin

The History Of Pomegranates

Over 8,000 years ago, the pomegranate became one of the first cultivated fruits. Since then, the pomegranate has travelled the globe and impacted major civilizations throughout history. 500 years ago, Spanish missionaries planted the first pomegranate trees in the New World.

This apple-size leathery fruit with bright red arils (seeds) became popular in Central Asia and Persia (Iran).

Called ‘seeded apple’ (or Punica granatum in Latin), the pomegranate spread east and west through the hot, dry regions of India, Asia and the Mediterranean Coast and was introduced to the Americas by Spanish traders.

The pomegranate tree is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe.

The pomegranate was cultivated in Egypt before the time of Moses. It was found in the Indus valley so early that there is a word in Sanskrit for pomegranate.

When Tutankhamen was entombed in the Valley of the Kings about 3 333 years ago, pomegranates were put in the tomb too, along with all his cherished possessions his people believed he would require on the “other side”.

It has also been the subject of still-life paintings by artists such as Paul Cezanne, Jan Davidsz de Heem and Eugene Henri Cauchois.

Health Benefits

Pomegranates, regarded as a superfruit by dietitians because of its healing qualities, offer multiple health benefits, ranging from cancer prevention to memory enhancement. The red arils (‘seeds’) inside can be eaten fresh, juiced or processed and the skin is used in Ayurvedic and ethic medicines.

Anti-Cancer benefits

Pomegranates are known for their anti-cancer effects.


Pomegranates are a natural anti-inflammatory.

Improves skin quality

Pomegranate is rich in tannins, which naturally help tighten and tone the skin. Pomegranates also stimulate collagen production, provide protection from the sun and prevent and smooth wrinkles.

Protects against osteoarthritis

Pomegranate fruit extracts have the ability to block enzymes that degrade cartilage in diseases like osteoarthritis.

High in vitamin C & potassium

Pomegranates are a great source of vitamin C (just one pomegranate contains 50% of your RDA of vitamin C!), which is essential for strengthening the immune system, and preventing prenatal health problems and cardiovascular disease.

High in iron

Pomegranate is a good source of iron, an essential mineral used to transport oxygen all over the body.

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Ubali Pomegranate Open Days!

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